Young Eagles Rally

December 1 2001

Report by Betty-Lee Ward

Chapter 196, Young Eagles Rally, December 1, 2001 21 Young Eagles flown by pilots Nels Anderson, Jim Ellis, Bill Greenberg and Chris Jenkins from Minute Man Air Field, Stow, MA

"To quote our esteemed webmaster, Nels Anderson, "It's December but it's 70 degrees and sunny. Not typical New England weather, but an unexpectedly great day for flying so we'll take it. We don't normally fly Young Eagles in December, but when a den of Cub Scouts came asking for rides we could not turn them down. We had quite a few additional people show up as well..."

Fantastic weather, fantastic pilots, fantastic staff for a fantastic December Rally. Thank you to all pilots and ground crew. Coordination and photography by Charlie Smith and Hector Constantzos with Mary Smith ably managing the registration table and certificates.

Den Mother, Cindy Calcagni, Cobra Patrol, Pack 45 from Acton arrived with 9 Cub Scouts. These Cubs will become Boy Scouts soon and this was one of their last get-togethers. Two of the Cubs brought younger siblings with them who also became Young Eagles on December 1st. Great to have you all with us. Thank you, Cindy for your help and interest in scouts and aviation.

Planes were put away and Pilots and Ground Crew enjoyed a delicious luncheon at Nancy's Air Field Cafe. Here they found three prospective Young Eagles also eating and enjoying the sights and sounds of the airport. Young Eagle Pilots, Bill Greenberg and Nels Anderson, offered to give them Young Eagle flights. This led to Emilyanna, Peter, and Rachel Dearborn becoming Young Eagles that afternoon. I continue to be impressed and grateful for the enthusiastic interest and thoughtfulness of Chapter 196 members.

Young Eagles flown were from Acton, Amherst, Belmont, Boxborough, Concord and Westford, (I don't have the Dearborn's address at this writing).

132 Young Eagles Flown By Chapter 196 In 2001

Young Eagles Flown December 1, 2001 include: Chris Baratta, John Belt, Matthew Boyajian, Nicole Boyajian, Nate Calcagni, Brendon Coop, Jacob Couch, Emilyanna Dearborn, Peter Dearborn, Rachel Dearborn, Peter Gomez, Kieran Kaiter-Snyder, Stefan Kaiter-Snyder, John Kleinschmidt, Jeff Lyons, Gregory Margolis, Emily Mutschler, Jonathan Najarian, Michael Parks, Eben Spalding, William Spalding.

Here is a photo gallery of the day:


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