Young Eagles Rally

November 18th 2000

Rally Report by Betty-Lee Ward

There were three of us women to assist at the registration table for the Young Eagles extra rally after the regular schedule for 2000. However, gusty wind conditions postponed this event until next season. Around 9:15 a.m. winds at Bedford were 17 knots and at Worcester 8 knots. Charlie Smith said that he heard that winds were 25-30 mph at 5000 feet.

The "registrars" were there and given the day off. Mary Smith, Judy McGee and myself, Betty-Lee. We had a great Young Eagles season together. Thank you.

Don McPherson, Airport Manager, had offered the use of his office if we had needed it for registration. We are grateful for Minute Man Air Field and Nancy's Air Field Cafe's support and involvement in EAA Chapter 196.

Many of the pilots at the rally decided to stay warm inside Nancy's Air Field Cafe!
EAA members present when we left included: Charlie Smith, Tom McGee, Norm Landry, Nels Anderson, Jim Ellis, Mike Doyle, Mark Saklad and new member Bill Greenberg. Bill has flown 78 Young Eagles and recently received his IFR rating.

Good News: A group of prospective Young Eagles and parents arrived at the airport. Among others, they met pilot Mike Doyle and coordinator of the Young Eagles program, Charlie Smith. They were given the opportunity to sit in Mike's plane, see the interior of the plane, look closely at the instrument panel and ask questions. They could also see various activities at the airport.

A 2001 schedule of rallies was given to Pastor Lilley and this group from the Acton area. Prospective Young Eagles included: Aaron Emer, Joshua Lilley, Evan Bolton. Shirley and her mother were very happy to sit in the plane. Shirley was very enthusiastic. I'm always glad to see the girls interested in aviation. One of the boys helped push the plane back into its tie down loaction and another came to assist him. A great group of youngsters and parents...hope to see them again. Sorry if I missed a name, just remember we are each a special, unique individual and we want to see each and every one again (and bring a friend if you'd like).

Mike and Charlie had been up in the Cessna 172XP checking wind conditions when they received a call from Airport Manager Don McPherson that a small group had arrived. Thanks Don for getting in touch with them. Thanks, too, to Norm Landry who earlier had offered to have youngsters sit in his plane (Cessna 150) if any arrived and it was too windy to fly. The pilots and members of Chapter 196 have been very active in the Young Eagles program.

Coordinator Charlie Smith is planning to visit a group of home schoolers in January or February to talk about aviation and the Young Eagles program.

To sign up for future events or for additional information, please call Charles A. Smith at 508-655-2368 or email him at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only, call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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