Young Eagles Rally

September 10 2005

Wow! The weather was perfect. The kids were plentiful. The pilots and ground crew were ready, helpful, and eager. Nancy, Don, and Patti at Nancy's Cafe were, as always, very accommodating. All this combined to give us one very successful Young Eagles event where we flew 40 kids. For the record, this brings the chapter's total YE flights to 1,578 since the program started.

My thanks to Nels, Bill, Jim, Charlie, and Norm for flying the kids. A special thanks to Rich Olsen and Rich Dupee, from our neighbors in Marlboro, who lendt a hand flying kids as well. (And a personal thanks to Rich D for making me a Young Eagle with a flight in the Navion. The rest of you; eat your hearts out!) Sherri lended her fine handwriting for filling in the certificates. Lee made sure everyone was safe on the ramp by escorting them, and slapping them around a bit if they missbehaved. And Leo provided his usual expertise in photography. Here's the breakdown:

Nels Anderson 9
Richard Dupee 5
James Ellis 5
William Greenberg 13
Norman Landry 1
Richard Olsen 6
Charlie Smith 1

Thanks again to everyone who made this a success. See you all on October 8.

--Hector Constantzos, Young Eagle Coordinator

Here is a photo gallery of the day:

Photos by Leo Hickey

To sign up for future events or for additional information please email the Young Eagles coordinator at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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