Young Eagles Rally

August 10th 2002

Report by Betty-Lee Ward

51 Young Eagles Flown August 10, 2002.

Young Eagles were from Acton, Belmont, Billerica, Boxborough, Boylston, Clinton, Concord, Fitchburg, Framingham, Lincoln, Littleton, Marlborough, Maynard, Natick, Quincy, Stow and Sudbury.

The wide horizons grander view shared by pilots with over 51 young people and many interested adults. An opportunity to be on the other side of the fence. To be a part of active aviation and its many positive possibilities and potentials.

Interest, enthusiasm, and gratitude was expressed by many participants to pilots and ground crew. It was a great day for all involved.

Young EaglePilotAirplane Type
Hillary BaldassarreTom McGee Cessna 182 Skylane
James Baldassarre Mark Saklad Cessna Skyhawk
Oliver Barbier Leo Hickey Ercoupe
Valeria Barbier Michael DoyleCessna 172XP Skyhawk
James Coombs Nels AndersonPiper Archer
Jason Cooper Michael DoyleCessna 172XP Skyhawk
Kyle Cooper Michael DoyleCessna 172XP Skyhawk
Oliver Dansereau Donald McPhersonPA32-260
Spencer DansereauDonald McPhersonPA32-260
Cameroa Deluco Fred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
Chiara Draghi Mark SakladCessna Skyhawk
Cinzia Draghi Mark SakladCessna Skyhawk
Kelly Fadden William GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Sarah Fadden William GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Shannon Fadden William GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Daniel Gereb Nels AndersonPiper Archer
Steven Hallet Tom McGeeCessna 183 Skylane
Rosa Huang William GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
William Johnson Nels AndersonPiper Archer
Nicholas JohnstonTom McGeeCessna 182 Skylane
Jon Lavalley Michael DoyleCessna 172XP Skyhawk
Chris Letizia William GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
William Long Leo HickeyErcoupe
Michelle Lupien Nels AndersonPiper Archer
Nicholas Lupien William GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Robert McShera Nels AndersonPiper Archer
Sean Morris Fred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
Marlena Murphy William GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Arianna Nasser Fred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
Khyber Nasser Fred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
Christopher Nau Michael DoyleCessna 172XP Skyhawk
Matthew Nau Michael DoyleCessna 172XP Skyhawk
Nathaniel Nemitz Fred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
James NevilleBill GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
William Neville Leo HickeyErcoupe
Christopher PetersNels AndersonPiper Archer
Jake PhaneufMark SakladCessna Skyhawk
Janelle PhaneufMark SakladCessna Skyhawk
Adam RedlTom McGeeCessna 182 Skylane
Erica RodgersMark SakladCessna Skyhawk
Chris SchurmanLeo HickeyErcoupe
Daniel SchurmanFred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
Abhijith SettipalliWilliam GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Shashank SettipalliWilliam GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Conor SheridanFred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
Euan SheridanFred MosesCessna 182 Skylane
Robyn SheridanMark SakladCessna Skyhawk
Lucino SierraWilliam GreenbergCessna Skyhawk
Mike SpainLeo HickeyErcoupe
Victoria TaglientiTom McGeeCessna 182 Skylane
Nicholas WoodsNels AndersonPiper Archer

Special thank you to each of the pilots: Nels Anderson, Mike Doyle (who flew down from Laconia, NH), Bill Greenberg, Leo Hickey, Tom McGee, Fred Moses, Mark Saklad and Don McPherson.

Everyone pitched in for setting up and taking down signs, registration tables and other equipment. Glad to see a table with water, etc. set up inside restricted area for the pilots. Thank You, Nancy's Air Field Cafe, for pitchers of water and paper cups.

There was an RV-6 from California, pilot Roger Hansen, member of EAA 663 on hand when we arrived. Also saw a balloon basket on the back of a car in the parking lot, possible heading for the Hot Air Balloon Festival in South Weymouth. Later an ultra light was seen in the traffic pattern.

Kids Connect group from Natick were enthusiastic and helpful. Glad they were there; 5 boys and 4 girls plus Audrey who coordinated and kept things running smoothly. Debra Sayre has done a lot with this ambitious Natick group of mostly middle school youngsters.

Thank you, Judi McGee for joining Mary Smith and me at the registration table. We experienced an interesting and challenging registration time. Amy Moses and her friend, Jessica Hermanson, willingly and ably assisted until it was time for them to leave. Thanks, girls, you helped make our day with your beauty and enthusiasm. Hope you can join us again.

New member of Chapter 196 was a big help. Thank you very much. Pilot Tom McGee helped out with photography for awhile until he started flying the Young Eagles. Charlie Smith was assigning youngsters and pilots, taking photos and answering various questions from one and all. A special thank you to Stan, a friend of Chapter 196 pilots and members. Stan picked up the pizzas when there were just not enough pilots and ground crew to spare for this mission. Our volume of activity has increased.

This years 191 Young Eagles have been flown through August 10, 2002. In comparison 133 were flown during all of last year!

I invite Chapter 196 members to think of joining us on a Saturday to see how they might be able to help out. Even if you are not flying right now, or never have, but you do have a love of aviation and flying, come join the ground crew. Reserve the dates: Young Eagle flights, September 14 and October 12.

Here is a photo gallery of the day:


To sign up for future events or for additional information, please call Charles A. Smith at 508-655-2368 or email him at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only, call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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