Young Eagles Rally

August 11th 2001

Report And Comments By Betty-Lee Ward

August 11th Young Eagles
Nicholas Alberts
Robert Allen
Austin Avent
Miles Avent
Trent Avent
Bianca Baldassarre
James A. Baldassarre
Rose Hillary Baldassarre
Ian Banatoski
James Banatoski
Sara Banatoski
Jonathan Bedard
Matthew Bedard
Christopher Burgess
Jack Check-Davis
Bennett Emery
Curtis Emery
Thomas Emery
Grant McIntire
Kent McIntire
Justin Perry
Alex Robiner
Samuel Robiner
Henry Salguero
Peria Estrella Salguero
Ricardo Salguero
Luke Yanorsky
Nicholas Yanorsky
Between the hear wave days and the rainy days that follwed there was a great Young Eagle Flight Rally on Saturday, August 11 when 28 Young Eagles where awarded their certificates. And numerous, eager, enthusiastic very young prospective Young Eagles were given the opportunity to walk out to the plane with the pilot to see the plane close up, look it all over, sit in the cockpit, look over the instrument panel, ask questions and look forward to the time when they are older and can say "sunward I've climbed". Thank you, pilot Christopher Jenkins for taking extra time for this. I remember that last month Mark Saklad did the same thing and other pilots have been as equally supportive and helpful.

Speaking of pilots, many thanks to Nels Anderson, Jim Ellis, Bill Greenberg, Chris Jenkins and Mark Saklad for flying the Young Eagles. Tom McGee discovered a problem with his plane when he flew to Minute Man, so he did not fly the Young Eagles but went and had the problem corrected. Tom has flown many of the Young Eagles in the past and we look forward to seeing him again soon. However, Tom did leave his wife Judy to help Mary Smith at the registration table. Thank you, Judy and Mary, for helping and for implementing th new file system. Pilots Mike Doyle, Fred Moses, Charlie Smith and Dick Arnold were also there. Charlie is the Young Eagles Coordinator and Fred Moses was great in handling the photographic duties. The Young Eagle is so happy with a photo of himself, the pilot and plane.

As the day progressed, Ethel Cook, wife of pilot Mark Saklad, took over the camera chores and stayed until the end. It was not the usual 9 to 12 schedule, but went well into the afternoon. Thank you to the lovely, loving wives: Ethel, Judy and Mary, you did a great job and you are always welcome.

Congratulations Nels Anderson: 100th Young Eagle flown, August 11, 2001. (He also flew his 101st YE).

Congratulations Bill Greenberg: 100th Young Eagle flown, August 11, 2001. (He also flew his 103rd YE).

On flight day people were there by 8:45 a.m. and ten Young Eagles were waiting. Flying started at 9 a.m.. At end of the day, 28 Young Eagles and several parents had been flown. One father helped Charlie and the pilots set up the tent, tables, etc. Signs were put out at the street and in front of Nancy's Air Field Cafe and a banner placed on the fence near the registration area. Orange engineering ribbon cordoned off the registration area so that no one would go out on the field without a pilot. Some of the pilots helped Charlie pack up the equipment at the end of the flights. Some stayed for a relaxing get together late lunch at the one and only Nancy's Air Field Cafe.

Pilot Jeff Simon who flew Young Eagles last year talked with some of the pilots and their wives relative to aviation, flying and family. Jeff is in the Educational Aviation Video business. I understand he has an interesting video on airplane maintenance.

Young Eagles flown came from Acton, Billerica, Bolton, Clinton, Hudson, Maynard, Peabody, Sudbury, Waltham and two from Frisco, Texas.

Here is a photo gallery of the event:


To sign up for future events or for additional information, please call Charles A. Smith at 508-655-2368 or email him at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only, call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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