Young Eagles Rally

July 14th 2001

Report And Observations By Betty-Lee Ward

Nineteen Young Eagles from the USA, Scotland and Spain flown on a picture perfect flying day at Minute Man Air Field in Stow, MA, USA.

Scotland represented by two of Snap Taylor's grandsons and Spain represented by two exchange students visiting in the area.

July 14th Young Eagles
Nicholas Alberts
Zachary Apony
Nicholas Aquadro
Nicole Brenner
Russell Condon
Finlay Copland
Stirling Copland
Sam Corner
Stephen Drubin
Dan Lampke
Alvaro Lizama
Shinodah Mashi
Chris McGarry
Matt J. Morrison
Will E. Morrison
Stephan Nogler
Adam Tasha
Travis Whited
Anderson Wise
Dale Wise of the New England Wheelchair Athletic Association and Charlie Smith coordinated the visit of four youngsters and their families to attend today's Young Eagle flights. The youngsters were a pleasure ot have and expressed gratitude and joy for their flights. They had a great time. Glad they could come, hope they'll come again.

Many thanks to the patience, skill and enthusiasm of the pilots and members who helped fly the Young Eagles and were involved in the multitudinous activities on the ground crew: Nels Anderson, Mike Doyle, Bill Greenberg, Chris Jenkins, Tom McGee and Mark Saklad flew the Young Eagles and also helped on the ground.

Jon Engvall and Charlie Smith were there early to help set up, and put out signs near the airport entrance, a banner on the fence, etc. Others, including visitors and a possible prospective member, helped dismantle and put away the registration area. Dick Arnold drove in when we first arrived. Jack Critchely, while working, took a few minutes to meet a Young Eagle.

That lovely, lively "Jo" was there for us till the end providing keys, coffee and support. Thank you, "Jo", for staying into mid-afternoon for our successful YE flights.

And we even got a quick visit and welcome from the vacationing McPhersons on their way from there to here to there. Relax and enjoy your vacation, you deserve it.

Several proud dads flew (in the back seat) during the Young Eagle flights.

Stirling Taylor, lovely wife Joan and family were in charge of the tonic for sale department. Thank you Snap, Joan and Meredith. Snap and Joan's three grandchildren, Nicole, Stirling and Finlay, thoroughly enjoyed their Young Eagle flights. The grandsons are from Scotland and petite Nicole lives in nearby Weston, MA.

We appreciated having Judy McGee and Mary Smith at the registration table with yours truly. Judy flew in with her pilot husband, Tom McGee, in their freshly painted red and white Skylane.

Two "prospective" Young Eagles were very interested as pilot Mark Saklad showed them what it was like to sit in a plane, just like their Young Eagle big brother.

Parents, grandparents and special friends were proudly taking pictures. Charlie and Mike Doyle worked the digital and Polaroid cameras after each flight.

Charlie Smith talked with several families and individuals, one a flight instructor, sharing with them information about EAA and the Young Eagles Program.

Many people stopped by the registration table. Leo Hickey, owner of the Ercoupe, stopped by to share some of the articles he had written for the "Marlboro Antiquer".

Chapter 196 member Jim Ellis' continuing article "A Kiwi Odyssey - Part II Flying The Tiger Moth" in the July Atlantic Flyer, page 33, was distributed to all interested.

Oliver Jenkins continues to be a welcome visitor. Today we met his mother and beautiful little sister Madeline and a friend of hers. Oliver kept busy with his dad, Young Eagle pilot Christopher Jenkins.

Bill Greenberg flew three Young Eagle flights and Chris Jenkins flew one Young Eagle between the June 9 and July 14 rallies.

Here is a photo gallery of the event:


To sign up for future events or for additional information, please call Charles A. Smith at 508-655-2368 or email him at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only, call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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