Young Eagles Rally

June 8 2002

Report by Betty-Lee Ward

17 Young Eagles were Flown On June 8, 2002. Young Eagles were from Ashland, Bolton, Burlington, Sudbury And Waltham.

Congratulations and welcome Young Eagles! Here's a list of Young Eagles, their home town and the name of the pilot and his plane in which the Young Eagle flew:

Keith Bellevue Jr., Waltham, Bill Greenberg, Cessna Skyhawk
Robert Brazee, Burlington, Tom McGee, Cessna 182
Thomas Brazee, Burlington, Fred Moses, Cessna 182
Christopher Burgess, Waltham, Tom McGee, Cessna 182
Monica Ciruelos, Bolton, Bill Greenberg, Cessna Skyhawk
Andrew Cohen, Waltham, Tom McGee, Cessna 182
Jason Cooper, Sudbury, Bill Greenberg, Cessna Skyhawk
Kyle Cooper, Sudbury, Nels Anderson, Piper Archer
Julia Fuchs, Sudbury, Fred Moses, Cessna 182
Nicholas Fuchs, Sudbury, Leo Hickey, Ercoupe
Caitlin Gillespie, Ashland, Leo Hickey, Ercoupe
Emma Gillespie, Ashland, Fred Moses, Cessna 182
Sam Gillespie, Ashland, Richard Olsen, Cessna 172
Andrew Kencaly, Sudbury, Richard Olsen, Cessna 172
Geoff Langton, Waltham, Fred Moses, Cessna 182
Nick Langton, Waltham, Nels Anderson, Piper Archer
Anthony McGonagle, Waltham, Leo Hickey, Ercoupe

Boy Scouts were well represented. Two from Troop 2 in Ashland (scout's Dad, Sam Gillespie, helpful and interested in learning more about Young Eagles program). Scouts Chris Burgess and Andrew Cohen were from Pack 250 in Waltham.

Thank you to all the pilots, ground crew and enthusiastic young people and adults that helped make this a great day for us all. Don McPherson, Airport Manager, started off our day with a warm welcome. Many pitched in and helped set up (and later, take down) the registration tent, tables, and chairs. Judy McGee, Mary Smith and I, (Betty-Lee Ward) started registering Young Eagles before nine o'clock as the tables were being set up. It was a great help to have a third registrar at the table. Thank you very much, Judy. And always, a big thanks to Mary whose husband Charlie serves as coordinator of the Young Eagles. Mary and Charlie keep very busy with Young Eagle activities.

Thank you to the photographers of the day, Hector Constantzos and his beautiful daughter, Jen. They took photos of every Young Egle flight. The Young Eagle has a Polaroid copy for himself. A digital photo is taken for the Web Page. They also took out the certificates (filled in by Mary Smith) and posters to give to the Young Eagle. Certificates are also signed by the individual pilot flying the Young Eagle. They were BUSY.

Thank you to all the wonderful pilots who were on hand to fly or to assist in a variety of activities. Pilots included Nels Anderson, Hector Constantzos, Lee Cooprider, Mike Doyle, Jon Engvall, Bill Grenberg, Leo Hickey, Norm Landry, Tom McGee, Fred Moses, Richard Olsen and Mark Saklad.

Jon Engvall was the first to pre-flight a Young Eagle and then had to make the sad and wise decision to ground his plane (he's having the plane checked out again). Jon continued to help out in other ways and the Young Eagle was transferred to another pilot and plane and had a great flight. Mark Saklad was alert and helped out in several situations. Good to see Mike Doyle without a cast on his foot.

Pilots and ground crew were there to talk to and answer questions and concerns with the Young Eagles and adults. The pilots were ready to fly if and when neded. Several pilots had prospective Young Eagles sit in their plane and make plans for their Young Eagle flight in the future. Petite Abigail Langton and her mother visited with Bill Greenberg and his plane while big brothers Geoff and Nick were having their flights with Fred Moses and Nels Anderson. Young Nichols Jones, who can identify various names for cars, now became familiar with the names of planes. He was overjoyed to go with his mother and sit in the Ercoupe and talk with pilot Leo Hickey. Nick asked questions and retained the answers. (I should have asked his exact age, he seems to be about 3+). Nick's baby brother Mason nestled comfortably in his father's arms and quietly observed the activities.

Pitchers of ice water and/or lemonade are often sent out to the registration table from Nancy's Air Field Cafe and her hospitable staff during rallies. We appreciate their thoughtfulness and we wish them a relaxing, well deserved happy vacation.

Nancy's Air Field Cafe Closed July 2 - July 23rd.

Here is a photo gallery of the day:


To sign up for future events or for additional information, please call Charles A. Smith at 508-655-2368 or email him at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only, call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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