International Young Eagles Day -- 30 Young Eagles Flown

June 10th 2000

Rally Report by Betty-Lee Ward

June 10th Young Eagles
Adriano Albanese
Raymond Alonge
Christopher Bonies
Timothy Butler
Jeremy Carter-Gordon
Tasha Carter-Gordon
Bennett Check-Davis
Samuel Corner
Ian Costello
Christopher Defrain
Matthew Farrell
Victor Lalli
Patricia Logan
Robert Logan
Ross Logan
Shannon McDonald
Jose Ramos
Reuben Romero
Karin Shirley
Christy Southcott
James Southcott
Zachary Stearns
Nicholas Sturgeon
Daniel Vanderclock
Perri Vanderclock
Stefano Visco
Micah Washington
Brandon Webb
Blue sky, warm sun, light winds...a wonderful day for a Young Eagles Rally.

Ground crew, pilots and Boy Scouts helped set up for the first rally of the season (last month the weather did not cooperate).

Two Scout groups were amoung the Eagles that flew. Scout Troup 10 from Medfield with assistant Scout Master Bob Costello who had registrations filled in and ready to go. Also Cub Scout Pack 250, Fitzgerald School, Waltham was well represented. The Cubs mentioned our president Jon Engvall's introductory session for them March 18 at the Waltham Library.

Young women and men from the surrounding area completed the roster.

Enthusiastic comments from Young Eagles and parents abounded. One Young Eagle expressed an interest in taking flying lessons and her dad seemed quite agreeable!

During the day the aroma of hot dogs wafted through the air and they were delicious! (I admit to eating two, cooked by the one and only Fred Moses...sorry I didn't get one earlier from Stirling Taylor; I imagine that would be just right too.) Thanks Fred and Stirling for being there and starting a new fund raising project for Chapter 196. Tonic was also available. AND we now know where to buy small amounts of dry ice needed when we plan to sell ice cream.

A wonderful day, six wonderful pilots and six great planes. Many thanks to Nels Anderson, Mike Doyle, Jim Ellis, Norm Landry, Mark Saklad and Tim Whitman. (Tim is an EAA member and flew his RV-6 over and offered to fly the Young Eagles. Charlie Smith and he exchanged necessary papers and Tim was soon flying some happy Young Eagles.) Thanks Tim for stopping in.

Alan Orth made a sad but safe decision upon finding a low battery condition in his plane. He had finished the pre-flight review with a Scout. The Scout waited awhile to see if he could continue with Alan. But even with a boost, Alan thought safety wise to wait until a thorough boost performed and checked before flying a Young Eagle. So this Young Eagle continued with one of the other pilots.

Peter Benoit, where would we be without him, was taking pictures and giving guided airport tours (3 that I remember and maybe more that I didn't know about).

Don McPherson stopped by and Nancy's Airfield Cafe sent refreshing ice water and cups (by that time the sun was hot). We're grateful for their support.

Charlie & Mary Smith Thank You. You've touched many a young person's life in a positive and caring way. It is great to work with you.

Here is a photo gallery of the event:

To sign up for future events or for additional information, please call Charles A. Smith at 508-655-2368 or email him at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only, call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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