Young Eagles Rally

April 8 2006

Despite the weather, yes folks we actually had a Young Eagles rally. This was just like the old times when we used to hold them in the cold. Yes, we flew the kids barefoot, in the snow, up hill, both ways. Okay, maybe not.

But we did have 14 kids fly today. The totals were:

Nels Anderson 7 kids
William Greenberg 6 kids
Hector Constantzos 1 kid
Leo Hickey 30 pictures
Louise Anderson 12 certificates and 1 ground school
Mark Saklad 2 certificates

Thanks, as always, to all who participated in any form, including Nancy and Don for providing warm beverages, and Patty for checking up on us. --Hector Constantzos, Young Eagle Coordinator

Here is a photo gallery of the day:

Photos by Leo Hickey

To sign up for future events or for additional information please email the Young Eagles coordinator at [email protected]. For last minute information on the day of the event only call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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