Young Eagles Rally

April 13 2002

Report by Betty-Lee Ward

Almost like last month, we arrived at the airport with a gloomy weather forecast and seemingly little chance of flying. But rather then getting worse, as predicted, the weather actually got better so despite some kind of low clouds we were able to fly and a nice group of kids got their first airplane rides.

This month we welcome two new pilots, Leo Hickey (Ercoupe) and Fred Moses (Cessna 182 Skylane).

Eleven Young Eagles from Acton, Boxboro, Marlboro and Waltham were flown on April 13th:

  • Christopher Hoff by Fred Moses in Cessna 182 Skylane
  • Mabie Hoff by Nels Anderson in Piper Archer
  • Niko Lippincott by Norman Landry in Cessna 150
  • Anthony McGonagle by Bill Greenberg in Cessna Skyhawk
  • Robie McShera by Norman Landry in Cessna 150
  • Aaron Metheny by Leo Hickey in Ercoupe
  • Scott Mula by Fred Moses in Cessna 182 Skylane
  • Kevin Powell by Leo Hickey in Ercoupe
  • Eben Spalding by Norman Landry in Cessna 150
  • Stephen Tsai by Bill Greenberg in Cessna Skyhawk
  • Jordan Whitaker by Nels Anderrson in Piper Archer

"The kids were thrilled with their rides and Aaron can't wait to tell his Cub master about flying in an Ercoupe because that's the Cub Master's favorite plane". were just some comments shared following the flights.

Helpful and interested parents, willing pilots and ground crew completed the ingredients for a great day. Nancy's Air Field Cafe provided a pitcher of refreshing water as the morning grew sunny and warmer.

Pilots Mike Doyle, Mark Saklad, Hector Constantzos and Charlie Smith were on hand to coordinate, assist, talk with Young Eagles and parents and take photographs. Mary Smith and yours truly (Betty-Lee) manned the registration table. Thank you, one and all.

A special thank-you to Anne Spalding, Den Mother, Den 3, Pack 45 from Acton. Den 3 had three Young Eagles fly that day. Thank you, too, to all the adults who helped the Young Eagles adjust as we waited patiently for the weather to lift. There was a fascinating board game going on when we came out to start registration. Everyone was very helpful and cooperative. A good Cub Scout spirit prevailed. Having been a Den Mother myself, years ago, I appreciated seeing its mission and goals continuing. Stephen Tsai is a member of Den 2, Pack 31, Marlboro, Knox Trail Council. I'm sorry if I missed recording any other Cub Scout Packs and Councils. Not all the youngsters flying were Cub Scouts. But all are Young Eagles Now! And the final word was "Bring a friend next time and have another ride yourself".

Thanks, Norm Landry, for the newspaper articles you brought in about Young Eagles flying at Minute Man Air Field on March 9th. The article and pictures were great. It appeared in the March 14, 2002 issue of "The Beacon Villager", serving Maynard and Stow which has a picture of Andrew Platt who flew with C. Alan Orth, and Kevin Powell of Marlboro, who flew with Chris Jenkins. Also the "MetroWest Daily News" issue of March 18, 2002, had the same article.

A special welcome to a pretty 13 year old girl who sat up front with Bill Greenberg on an Air Lifeline flight to Rutland, VT (her mom sat in the back seat). Bill presented her with a signed Young Eagles Certificate. Thanks, Bill.

Total young eagles flown by Chapter 196 in 2002 now amount to 26 plus 1 mentioned above a grand total 27.

Here is a photo gallery of the day:


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