Young Eagles Rally

March 9 2002

Report by Betty-Lee Ward

Patience has its reward as evidenced when a very foggy morning brightened around 10:45 am. Sun, blue sky and white clouds welcomed the planes with pilots and eager Young Eagles from Acton, Carlisle, Concord, Framingham, Marlborough, Medway and Natick.

Even in the dense fog Young Eagles coordinator, Charlie Smith was putting up the signs, readying registration materials, cameras, etc. Soon he was joined by Chapter 196 pilots and members: Nels Anderson, Hector Constantzos, Jim Ellis, Bill Greenberg, Chris Jenkins, Norman Landry, Fred Moses, Alan Orth, Mark Saklad with Mary Smith and Betty-Lee Ward at the registration table. Mary Smith (Mary you are a jewel) filled in all the certificates presented to the Young Eagles. Other paper work, along with sharing information with interested onlookers kept both Mary and Betty-Lee busy. Dick Arnold stopped by to say "hi" and talked with the pilots. Young Eagle literature and information was given to many who stopped by to learn more about EAA, planes, and the day's activities.

Several airport tours were given at intervals before the fog lifted. Alan Orth took one group; Bill Greenberg let prospective Young Eagles from his group get into his plane; Fred Moses led a group down the line and there was a larger group ahead of him with another pilot. The parents and adults with the Young Eagles are eager and willing to help and attentive in listening to information. Sometimes a parent sits in the back seat of the plane during a Young Eagle flight.

A delicious, nutritious breakfast at Nancy's Air Field Cafe started off the day right for many of us. And the refreshing iced tea and tempting luncheon menu greeted us when we finished flying the Young Eagles. Thank you to Nancy McPherson and to her cheerful staff for finding us an available table. A special thank you to Don McPherson, airport manager, for his support and activity with Young Eagles and Chapter 196. Don often speaks at our meetings and gives important current and necessary airport news and regulations.

Pilots were busy flying planes, taking Polaroid and/or digital photos, relaying information to the registration table, talking with parents and prospective Young Eagles. They shared time and information with two representatives from The Beacon Villager. Reporter Matthew Gunderson interviewed a wide variety of people and had a flight with Bill Greenberg and Young Eagle Alexander Hetherington. Photographer Leah Fasten was there early in the morning when the fog was heavy. She waited a while then came back when the sun came out. Leah flew with pilot Alan Orth and Young Eagle Andrew Platt. We look forward to seeing their reports and pictures in The Beacon Villager.

It was good to see Alan Orth again. Enjoyed meeting Jen and Christina Constantzos, the talented and lovely daughters of Chapter 196 member Hector Constantzos. Missed seeing Oliver Jenkins who usually accompanies his dad. Look forward to seeing him next time. Special message "Hope you are feeling better" wishes to Genno.

Thank you pilots and members for starting off a wonderful Young Eagle 2002.

New Young Eagles Welcomed March 9, 2002 included: Annie Bannon, Clare Bannon, Lisa Bloomingdale, Ally Fairman, Lily Fairman, Bobby Herrick, Meghan Herrick, Alexander Hetherington, Andrew Platt, Katherine Platt, Jennifer Powell, Kevin Powell, Jonathan Shamres, Molly Sibley and Philip Turner.

Pilots that flew the Young Eagles March 9, 2002 included: Jim Ellis, Bill Greenberg, Christopher Jenkins, Norman Landry and Alan Orth.

Here is a photo gallery of the day:


This rally also made the local newspapers! Read the article here.

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