Young Eagles Rally

January 11 2003

The year 2003 has not provided much in the way of good flying weather so far, and Saturday January 11th was not much of an improvement. On arrival at the airport the temperature was around 16 degrees, though the skies were clear and the infamous Minute Man crosswind and not picked up (yet). The runway and taxiways had been plowed but still had a coating of snow.

But despite the obstacles two new Young Eagles did take to the skies courtesy of Leo Hickey's shiny green Ercoupe and several other pilots took at least a quick trip around the traffic pattern. The office and restaurant were very welcome as warm-up spots and for food and coffee!

Here is a photo gallery of the day:

Our two new Young Eagles

Around The Airport

Leo Hickey takes off on one of his Young Eagle flights
The Ercoupe flies off into the sky

North Hangar
South Hangar

The panel of judges monitors landings
Some members did not quite make it into the air

A panoramic view of the 6B6 runway

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